RocketTheme Quantive – Free Download WordPress Responsive Theme

RocketTheme Quantive - Free Download  WordPress Responsive Theme

RocketTheme Quantive description

Quantive encapsulates the notion of simply complex featuring a conservative design. Stylistic choice is another key aspect with its 8 CSS style choices each of which can either be light or dark body styling as noted in the 10 presets providing choice and flexibility.

The login widget is an important element of any site. Nevertheless it can be a bulky presence on a page especially if you are conscious of screen space. Quantive uses a popup login powered by RokBox which is activated by a single button in the menu bar to alleviate this.

There are two menu options SplitMenu and Fusion Menu. The Splitmenu is a static menu system that displays select menu items in a main horizontal menu. The Fusion Menu is an advanced CSS based menu system which offers a wide range of per menu options.

You can download RocketTheme Quantive WordPress template for free at the bottom of the page

RocketTheme Quantive features

  • 960 Fixed Layout
  • 10 Preset Styles
  • 68 Widget Positions
  • 13 Widget Variations
  • Fusion-Menu and Split-Menu
  • Custom Typography
  • iPhone Theme
  • iPhone Menu
  • Background Level Configuration

Theme version: 1.4
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Free download RocketTheme Quantive WordPress theme