RocketTheme Visage – Free Download WordPress Responsive Theme

RocketTheme Visage - Free Download  WordPress Responsive Theme

RocketTheme Visage description

Visage is a contemporary blending of stunning refined visuals combined with a polished undertone providing a unique look that is flexible and intuitive to use. Each preset has its own unique widget suffixes such as clouds or paint splatters.

There are two menu options SplitMenu and Fusion Menu. The Splitmenu is a static menu system that displays select menu items in a main horizontal menu. The Fusion Menu is an advanced CSS based menu system which offers a wide range of per menu options.

Visage has a custom blog layout (available on our frontpage demo) where it has a left aligned and tab-styled date to provide distinct visuals as compared to the standard WordPress layout. The title also supports a custom calligraphic-styled font.

You can download RocketTheme Visage WordPress template for free at the bottom of the page

RocketTheme Visage features

  • 960 Fixed Layout
  • 12 Preset Styles
  • 72 Widget Positions
  • 28 Widget Variations
  • Fusion-Menu and Split-Menu
  • Custom Typography
  • iPhone/Android Theme
  • Mobile Menu

Theme version: 1.1
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Free download RocketTheme Visage WordPress theme