RocketTheme Epsilon – Free Download WordPress Responsive Theme

RocketTheme Epsilon - Free Download  WordPress Responsive Theme

RocketTheme Epsilon description

Epsilon is a modern sectioned based design with a diverse infusion of background textures and patterns. These enrich and differentiate your site whilst maintaining an overall conservative approach for flexible site application.

Epsilon provides for full width custom transitional background images in the slideshow position a full width container specifically designed for RokSprockets Features layout. It also has separate options for per panel background and content images.

Animation provides an extended layout of visual flair as well as smooth interaction for your visitors to facilitate the seamless experience of using your site. RokSprocket Features benefits from a custom per-panel array of up to 16 animation types.

You can download RocketTheme Epsilon WordPress template for free at the bottom of the page

RocketTheme Epsilon features

  • Responsive Layout
  • 6 Preset Styles
  • 89 Widget Positions
  • 1200 Fixed Option
  • 8 Styled Widget Variations
  • Structural Widget Variations
  • 960 Fixed Option
  • Dropdown-Menu and Split-Menu
  • Custom Typography
  • Custom Logo Option
  • Mobile Menu
  • Fixed Header
  • Social Buttons Option
  • Chart.js
  • Coming Soon Page

Theme version: 1.0
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Free download RocketTheme Epsilon WordPress theme