Shape5 BlogBox – Free Download Blog WordPress Theme

Shape5 BlogBox - Free Download  Blog WordPress Theme

Shape5 BlogBox description

Shape5 BlogBox uses aesthetics and great functionality to publish content for authors bloggers and publishers.

Every blog is built around content and for this reason Shape5 BlogBox focuses mainly on large post areas to present your content in an easy to read and aesthetically pleasing way.

Not only have we heavily stylized the default blog layout but you can also use the S5 Masonry widget which is stylized for the homepage to display posts in columns of various lengths.

We have also stylized and demo the default tags links.

You can download Shape5 BlogBox WordPress template for free at the bottom of the page

Shape5 BlogBox features

  • 2 background styles
  • View These Features On The Demo
  • 10 custom suffixes
  • Enable or disable uppercase letters
  • 1 custom highlight font
  • Enable or disable sub menu arrows
  • Column on left or right side
  • 1 custom highlight color
  • 100 collapsible core positions
  • Custom_1 and custom_2 column position

Theme version: 1.0
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Free download Shape5 BlogBox WordPress theme