Shape5 Ambient – Free Download Business WordPress Theme

Shape5 Ambient - Free Download  Business WordPress Theme

Shape5 Ambient description

Shape5 Ambient is a fresh and modern business WordPress theme that can be used for any kind of website.

Its unique side menu system allows for better organization of your content while providing a unique layout for your visitors.

The header area features an html5 video with overlay text to attract your visitors attention.

Many S5 extensions were used this month including: S5 Tab Show to organize customer quotes and business information S5 Vertical Accordion to consolidate page text S5 Popup Contact to provide a quick way for your customers to get in touch and more.

You can download Shape5 Ambient WordPress template for free at the bottom of the page

Shape5 Ambient features

  • Set the side menu to floating or fixed
  • Enable or disable bold widget titles
  • Enable or disable uppercase letters
  • 1 custom highlight font
  • Enable or disable sub menu arrows
  • Light or dark style
  • 2 custom highlight colors
  • 13 custom widget suffixes
  • 100 collapsible core theme positions
  • View These Features On The Demo

Theme version: 3.0
Theme documentation:
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Free download Shape5 Ambient WordPress theme