Shape5 Luxon – Free Download Accommodations WordPress Theme

Shape5 Luxon - Free Download  Accommodations WordPress Theme

Shape5 Luxon description

Do you need a theme for a hotel or resort? Shape5 Luxon is the ultimate hotel and accommodations WordPress theme.

Showcase off your resort or hotel in style and with great aesthetics.

This theme was designed to showcase features by providing a large header image a custom layout S5 Tab Show layout to provide easy access to many common amenities quick access to reservation requests and so much more!.

You can download Shape5 Luxon WordPress template for free at the bottom of the page

Shape5 Luxon features

  • 10 custom widget suffixes
  • Enable or disable sub menu arrows
  • 3 custom highlight colors
  • Heavily customized S5 Quick Contact
  • View These Features On The Demo
  • 1 custom highlight font
  • 103 collapsible core theme positions
  • Enable or disable uppercase letters

Theme version: 2.0
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Free download Shape5 Luxon WordPress theme