Shape5 Spectrum – Free Download Business WordPress Theme

Shape5 Spectrum - Free Download  Business WordPress Theme

Shape5 Spectrum description

Shape5 Spectrum is the theme your insurance company or other small business needs! This theme is built with insurance companies in mind with easy to access items like: phone number social links quick quotes insurance types customer testimonials companies represented and much more! The simple styling of Shape5 Spectrum allows it to match almost any kind of site genre as well.

You can download Shape5 Spectrum WordPress template for free at the bottom of the page

Shape5 Spectrum features

  • 15 custom widget suffixes
  • View These Features On The Demo
  • 2 custom highlight colors
  • 1 custom highlight font
  • Enable or disable uppercase letters
  • 103 collapsible core theme positions
  • Two menu options: overlay or drop downs

Theme version: 2.0
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Free download Shape5 Spectrum WordPress theme